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Smile for a Child Foundation


The purpose of this foundation is to help the many medical, educational and emotional needs of children affected with cleft lip and palate and other craniofacial anomalies. The children served by this foundation will have positive effects that will last a lifetime.


The birth rate of children with clefts is about one out of every 700 births! The problem affects every walk of life and does not have economic preferences.

Children with this health problem need constant team care and may require surgical procedures until the age of twenty. The Surgeon General of the United States has estimated the lifetime medical costs to by upward of $100,000 each.

Many of the procedures are covered through private and government funding but the majority of the children have excessive financial burden. Jordan before his first of two surgeries to repair his lip. He will need one to three more surgeries on his palate, two to three for his nose and one for jaw correction. He will need multiple treatments of orthodontics and general dentistry. He will see a speech pathologist for many years and have multiple ear surgeries. He may not get optimal care because he and his single mom are underfunded.


If the child has access to appropriate health care through interdisciplinary team evaluation and care they will grow up to have happy normal lives. We do know that our perception of others is greatly biased by what people look like, if the children go without a particular aspect of care due to being underfunded they will be affected the rest of their lives. Our goal is to eliminate this lack of care so that those smiles shine.


Enhancement of the medical, educational and social needs of persons with craniofacial differences.


  • Compassion and respect for all which with we work
  • Commitment to excellence in all our endeavors
  • Honesty, integrity, and ethical behavior
  • Foster appropriate care of patients with facial differences


The major goals of this craniofacial society are:

  • Patient and Clinical Support
  • Funding of medical and dental needs for patients with facial differences
  • Scholastic funding for patients with facial differences
  • Funding for foreign patients for patients with facial differences


  • Development of research opportunities and strategies through research funding and the training of physicians and dentists in care of persons with facial differences.
  • Public and professional development seminars
  • Product development and perfection of surgical techniques to better the care of craniofacial patients
  • Equipment procurement for professionals caring for patients with craniofacial differences


Please consider a donation and help with the care of these children.

Each surgery costs thousands of dollars and many are not able to financially complete their care and fall outside government health plans. You can’t help but see the results of your care!

If you have further questions or would like to contribute, please contact
Dr. Fabio Ritto at (405) 271-4441 or

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