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Treatment Instructions

Orthognathic Jaw Surgery Instructions

After Orthognathic Surgery

  1. Rest at home for the next week with activity as tolerated NO HEAVY LIFTING, NO SPORTS.
  2. Keep ice on cheeks for 48 hours. Then you may use moist heat intermittently until the edema resolves.
  3. Keep lips moist, you may use vaseline as needed.
  4. If your doctor has instructed you to wear elastics (rubber bands), wear them continuously, changing them once a day. An instrument such as tweezers or a hemostat may facilitate this.
  5. Beginning tomorrow, rinse your mouth four times per day with warm salt water (1/2 teaspoon salt in 8 ounces of water) and brush your teeth after meals and at bedtime.
  6. Clean the small incisions on your cheeks with 50% peroxide 50% water then apply Bacitracin ointment for three days. After that, soap and water will do.
  7. If you have a pressure dressing, this may be removed after 48 hours.
  8. Sleep with your head elevated on 2-3 pillows.
  9. Diet: NO CHEWING until the doctor tells you that you can (usually 4-6 weeks). Eat a balanced but FULL LIQUID / PUREED diet. > SEE WIRED JAW COOKBOOK
  10. If you have any questions, concerns or problems before your follow up appointment, call 405-271-4955 during business hours or 405-271-4700 after hours to speak to the oral surgery resident on call.

For prescription refill, or for appointments, call 405-271-4955.